Since 1986 Stenkim provides solutions for large-scale and pretigious projects

  • Stenkim is certified with ISO 9001: 2000 since 2002,

    defines customer satisfaction as the most important priority.

  • Our vision being a leading company in

    international construction chemeical sector with innovative and perfectionist R&D works

    Company Profile


    Stenkim was established in 1986 and our company specializes about construction chemeicals. We are a Turkish company and we are proud to be the first manufacture and still the sole producer of many products in Turkey. Stenkim has kept at the forefront of R&D investments and R&D activities.

    Our R&D activities, new product designs and quality control processes emerge in our 600 mlaborotary which is well equipped with high-tech and special devices. Stenkim has wide range of produciton capacity with own Know-How and Turkish engineers which are specialized about construction chemicals. Our products from raw material stage to the final product which became kept under constant supervision of our expert staff, therby we provide to achieve the desired quality of the products with own high production capacity and wide range of product.

    Stenkim provides solutions for large-scale and prestigious projects in domestic market and 24 different countries with innovative and perfectionist approches, high production capacity and product variety.



    To acquire a significant position in the international market through effective and pioneering R&D activities and products.

    To provide the most suitable products according to the requests and demands of our customers without compromising quality, and to provide services in the best possible way.

    To develop and improve the structure of the organization by valuing its own workers, by cooperating with its customers, and by continuously ensuring a high level of awareness regarding social responsibilities and the environment.

    To provide solutions to the technical and aesthetic problems encountered by architecture and contracting companies in Turkey and across the world by providing construction chemicals that have been developed according to present-day requirements, and to thereby allow the construction of reliable structures that satisfy current demands.

    To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by following the continuously changing client conditions and demands in the construction chemical sector with our technology- and novelty-oriented manufacturing and sale strategies, and by fully satisfying the project-based demands of our customers.


    Enviromental Policy

    To perform all stages of production in accordance with the applicable standards and legal regulations, and with a high level of awareness towards the environment and nature.

    To ensure the protection of natural resources by using suitable technologies that least harm the environment based on the available technical and economical means.

    To ensure the continuity of the organization’s high level of environmental awareness in both the workplace and social life through technological innovations and by supporting the training of the personnel.

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